I follow the destiny that is imposed on me.

You discovered my biggest weakness: excruciating pain.

Some people are really intelligent.

Three-quarters of the work was finished.

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I've discovered Allan's secret formula.


I hesitate to ask Izzy to help.

I have often been asked that question.

I want a golden cross.


Did you tell Billie I wasn't planning to be here?

These shoes are made in Italy.

However, when I finally reached the castle I was thrown into this prison by the commander of the imperial guard.

Are you sure Srinivasan can do this by himself?

Lojbanistan is on the border with Esperantujo.

You're so nice.

I want you to finish your homework before you start playing games.

It's been pouring here for the last few days.

Mwa kept a pet python in his apartment.

I visited Reiner in Boston.

Have you ever dealt with this kind of a problem before?

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The result was worth zero.

Dorothy gave me a shove.

We're professors.

I wonder what ever will become of them.

Cosmology is a branch of science which studies the evolution of our universe.


It was morning. There was the smell of coffee and the ground was covered with frost.

I bet I get there before you.

He is none the happier for his wealth.


Do you think he would accept my invitation?

What are some of the most popular foods eaten in Spain?

She dances well, but she has to move more.


Do you have a sister, Juan?

I have already talked with this student.

We're doing what we can.

If he hadn't been tired, he would've gone.

I might like to follow her lead.

Hienz doesn't watch much television.

In 1962, he ran for governor, and lost.

Noam's broken arm took several weeks to heal.

Winston had almost forgotten all about what had happened.


The scars of your love remind me of us.

It was magnificent.

We owe our modern life to electricity.


Where is my dad?

It's nice and cool today.

She intended to withdraw all her savings from the bank.

I want to thank everyone.

Venus rotates in the opposite direction from most other planets in our Solar System.

Indra cleared snow from the driveway.

Don't use another language!

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All essays must be handed in on time.

Joachim is disloyal.

Noise is produced by the sudden flow of current into a solenoid.

I couldn't leave her to die.

The firefighter is talking about the fire.

Jones injured his left hand in an accident.

I'll buy the drinks.

Bob pronounces that word in a strange way.

Sedovic gave Brandy a huge hug.

Can I use your phone, please?

Will you help me move this heavy table?


Some people in the world suffer from hunger.


With such little benefit gained, this is a habit it would be best for me to curb. I could be doing more productive things with my precious time.

When they moved to the town, they found it easy to make friends.

She tried that.

Have there been any updates on this issue?

Jesus owes us a favor.

I'm surprised how inattentive I can be.

Does it look like the plane will be crowded?

I had to go to the hospital.

I'll call you when I need you.


I've already fed the dog.

Annard told me that Dawson was on a diet.

The Russian language is a great thing. It seems that thing is too great for my small head!


I have to ask for help and advice.


You really do speak French quite well.

We want to learn some songs in French.

He is older than I by two years.


So, what do you suggest?


Could there be a mistake?

Should we go inside?

This kind of strange situation typifies my impressions of China.

Her father was the editor of a German newspaper in Latvia.

Annard didn't do anything bad.

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Kriton made Rayan very happy.

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It's important that I do this.


He took a book off the shelf.

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Danny died when I was very young.

Nadeem was happy selling shoes.

What time does the bus leave?

Look what I found under the sofa.

Did you say I'd never win?

They gave me no choice.

It's my guess they're in no danger.

He was amused at your suggestion.

Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped.

Ami's cat is a nasty beast.

I paid twenty thousand yen for this hearing aid.


What made her so mad?


Scream as loud as you can.


The bus will come soon.

I don't mind making a few changes to the plan.

He's getting a kiss.

Tell her to get ready.

Glenn used to be a special education teacher.

Arlene's dog enjoys being vacuumed.

Oops, I farted again!

I'm a pretty good handyman.

There isn't any film in this camera.

Janet and Neil are drunk.

I can not answer your question.


As the situation is delicate, you should be careful of what you say.

I'm excited for my housemate's birthday party tomorrow.

My camera is much better than hers.


Who is buying what?

Jeremy was a prison warden for ten years.

He is not as intelligent as his older brother.

Sergio always lets us help.

We had already walked five minutes when were caught in a shower.

Sue said some really nice things about you.

The reason is pretty obvious.

I wonder who Syd is waiting for.

I washed my T-shirt.

They all tried to talk at one time.

I'm feeling bad.

He has an optimistic turn of mind.

The thief slipped into the house.


That must be hard.

She wants an iPad 4.

Can I see you for a few minutes?

He's on his way home.

Dirk opened the medicine cabinet and took out the toothpaste and his toothbrush.

I trust we're all alone.

Rainer baked Jianyun a cake for her party.

Sri has been here all morning.

This is a touchscreen, so you can use your fingers to operate the controls which are displayed on it.

You don't need to tell me. I don't have any interest in this matter.

Herbert kept on working.


I found a rare stamp at that store.


The present housing policy is likely to come up against considerable opposition.


I told Glen that I wasn't busy.

What were Kemal and Serdar doing at the hospital?

I'm a pretty busy guy.

I reassured him that I would not be late.

Can I give her a message?

We can't disappoint him!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.

Nancy is a capable nurse.

Gill felt very uneasy about not telling her parents that she was pregnant.

Rasputin had the whole Russian court under his spell.

This is so boring.

I'm a bit groggy.

Her way of talking got on my nerves.


I grew up here in Boston.

The Japanese government doesn't know how to handle the problem.

He began running.


To be honest, my duties here are very ill defined, or rather not defined at all, but only adumbrated.

She came in company with her mother.

They talk too much.


I hope it's not true.


What's your favorite baseball team?


Clara's parole conditions require him to report to the police once a week.

Izchak was wearing an old lab coat.

They're not going to change.

Why doesn't Naim want to go to Boston?

Andrew didn't seem to understand my French.